Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 6: Thing 13

I viewed the Delicious tutorial and explored the website using the SJLibraryLearning2 account. I saw lots of useful sites covering all aspects of libraries and technology. I searched some of the tags and found some really useful articles. I would like to go back and really explore and read some of these bookmarked websites that were set up for this exercise. I think they would really help and inspire me to begin incorporating more of these tools in my library- and improving my program in many areas!! I really can see the usefulness of this website, both in researching a topic, for professional development or personal topics, and also in creating your own account to save and categorize those useful websites that you have found. I thought that the tagging both in searching on a topic and in providing related tags, was really helpful. I haven't done this yet, but would really like to go back and set up a Delicious account and begin to organize and use more specific websites. Since I really don't usually bookmark websites anyway, I kind of feel like I would be starting from scratch. As with all of these tools, we just really need to make the time to learn about them and use them.

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