Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 6: Thing 14

I searched the Technorati web site for "School Library Learning 2.0" and found 1 hit in posts and 0 in blogs. Still not sure if I did something wrong, but when I did the same search in Google with 1,060,000 hits, Bing with 25,800,00 hits and Yahoo with 11,500,110 hits, I realized that the searching system was very different, much more specific and must rely more on specific tags. I also looked at the link for the top 100 blogs (the popularity link wasn't working) and looked at the top 10 along with their tags. I wasn't surprised to see that many of the blogs had to do with technology and celebrities. Some had no tags, some had an extensive list. I had never looked at any blogs like that and was curious about the Huffington Post and Gizmoto (because it's been in the news recently). I think tagging is important to know about if you are promoting, following or researching blogs. Personally, I don't think I would use this, as I am not following, using or searching for any information in blogs at this time.

Week 6: Thing 13

I viewed the Delicious tutorial and explored the website using the SJLibraryLearning2 account. I saw lots of useful sites covering all aspects of libraries and technology. I searched some of the tags and found some really useful articles. I would like to go back and really explore and read some of these bookmarked websites that were set up for this exercise. I think they would really help and inspire me to begin incorporating more of these tools in my library- and improving my program in many areas!! I really can see the usefulness of this website, both in researching a topic, for professional development or personal topics, and also in creating your own account to save and categorize those useful websites that you have found. I thought that the tagging both in searching on a topic and in providing related tags, was really helpful. I haven't done this yet, but would really like to go back and set up a Delicious account and begin to organize and use more specific websites. Since I really don't usually bookmark websites anyway, I kind of feel like I would be starting from scratch. As with all of these tools, we just really need to make the time to learn about them and use them.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 5 Thing 12

Wow, it's been while since I've posted to this blog and time to finish the Web 2.0 tutorial! This activity included exploring Rollyo which I found a little overwhelming, but think it would be useful if you spent a lot of time searching websites that you used a lot. I did find the examples helpful and chose some of the travel sites to explore and created my own Rollyo search tool with a few of them. I thought Wordle was a lot of fun! Just pasting information and seeing how it created the "word cloud" was great! I think it would be a fun activity to do with students. I also tried the Traveler IQ challenge and found that I am not good at this at all- but think students might have a lot of fun with it!